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Master of Science
in Biology

The UNCW Biology and Marine Biology Department offers both a Masters in Biology and a Masters in Marine Biology. These are vibrant competitive programs with an excellent job/PhD program placement rate.  The average time to completion is 2.5 years and a yearly stipend is provided.  Students who wish to join the ETIRA lab should seek a Masters in Biology degree. 

Doctor of Philosophy
in Integrative, Comparative & Marine Biology

This degree program serves all PhD students in the Biology and Marine Biology Department.  It is primarily a research degree, preparing students for academic faculty positions, industry research, certain kinds of government and policy work. Completion of this degree can range from 4-7 years and a stipend is provided.

Interested in the ETIRA lab?
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Office: 2103 Dobo Hall

Lab: 2101 Dobo Hall

4978 Cahill Drive

Wilmington, NC 28403

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