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Fausett Publications 

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Fausett SR, Sandjak A, Billard B, Braendle C. Higher-order epistasis shapes natural variation in germ stem cell niche activity. Nature Communications 14(1):2824

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Fausett S, Poullet N, Gimond C, Vielle A, Bellone M, Braendle C (2021) Germ cell apoptosis is critical to maintain Caenorhabditis elegans offspring viability in stressful environments. PLoS ONE 16(12): e0260573.

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Stevens, L., Félix, M.-A., Beltran, T., Braendle, C., Caurcel, C., Fausett, S., Fitch, D., Frézal, L., Gosse, C., Kaur, T., Kiontke, K., Newton, M.D., Noble, L.M., Richaud, A., Rockman, M.V., Sudhaus, W. and Blaxter, M. (2019), Comparative genomics of 10 new Caenorhabditis species. Evolution Letters, 3: 217-236.

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Fausett SR, Brunet LJ, Klingensmith J. BMP antagonism by Noggin is required in presumptive notochord cells for mammalian foregut morphogenesis. Developmental Biology 391(1):111-124.


Fausett SR, Klingensmith J. (2012) Compartmentalization of the foregut tube: developmental origins of the trachea and esophagus. WIRES: Developmental Biology 1(2):184-202.


Guo W, Zhang L, Christopher DM, Teng Z, Fausett SR, Liu C, George OL, Klingensmith J, Jin P, Zhao X. (2011) RNA-binding protein FXR2 regulates adult hippocampal neurogenesis by reducing Noggin expression. Neuron 70(5):924-938.

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